Uniting the Rental Operator to the Portable Toilet Manufacturer

T BLUSTAR provides unique Portable Toilet solutions for Rental Operators of the World: construction sites, outdoor events, disaster relief aid, military aid, festivals and concerts. Innovation in Portable Toilets made by T BLUSTAR. International Patent Pending Designs made of 100% high-density Polyethylene that are UV resistant. T BLUSTAR offers the ability to customize exclusive solutions to suit your business needs.

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Clean Sanitation is inadequate around the globe.  Partner with T BLUSTAR and help to make clean global sanitation a reality.  T BLUSTAR is seeking enthusiastic business partners around the globe to collaborate in the production and sales of  T BLUSTAR products.
“Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones. Far fewer — only 4.5 billion people — have access to working toilets. Of the 2.5 billion who don’t have proper sanitation, 1.1 billion defecate in the open, according to the study.” ― quote from Time Magazine By Yue Wang March 25, 2013
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Quick look at T BLUSTAR’s features

Complete Line of Products, Accessories & Chemicals:

T BLUSTAR is your one-stop shop for all of the equipment and supplies needed for your Portable Toilet Rental Business: Sleek-line Portable toilets with hand-wash sinks, flushing systems, recirculating systems, handicap Portable Toilets, Chemicals, and vacuum tanks for Sanitation.

Flexibility & Full-Service Training:

Minimum orders of only 2 Portable Toilets, products in stock, and fast delivery time allow flexibility for you. T BLUSTAR has a qualified team of experts to assist you in your rental business day-to-day needs. As a T BLUSTAR client, we offer the lease of our Portable Toilets for short-term when you are missing inventory and need to bid on a large job. Let us assist you setting up your companies needs, design your website, and offer training to you and your employees. Join the T BLUSTAR family and feel the rewards.

International Patent Pending Designs:

Portable Toilet Designs that will revolutionize the way your business performs. Designs to easily transport Portable Toilets to job sites & locations ensuring a sturdy solid construction, saving time and money, ultimately resulting in more profits for your Portable Toilet Rental Business.

No Boundaries – Customizable Options:

T BLUSTAR wants you to stand out in your competition by creating your own unique Portable Toilet. We offer options such as molding your company’s logo into the plastic, a wide range of unique colors, and even creating your own exclusive Portable Toilet design.

Trend Setting, Modern & Elegant Solutions:

Our designers are committed to creating Portable Toilets that are modern and follow current Industrial Design trends. We use colors and materials that are fresh and current with today’s design trends. T BLUSTAR’s Portable Toilets are elegant & stylish to fit the needs of your customers.

Durable & Robust Construction:

T BLUSTAR manufactures portable toilets using a sturdy double-walled construction method as a company standard. Our products are built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh effects from the sun. We utilize only the best quality virgin plastics and add UV resistant to protect the colors and the plastics.


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