hub-minitauraThe Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilet was designed to guarantee more competitiveness to the operators in the industry while complying with the European Directive implemented by Decree 81 dated 2008.
Thanks to this revolutionary product, operators can transport the unassembled portable toilet to the rental premises and assemble it there piece by piece in under 3 minutes without needing any tools, not even a screwdriver.
The patented closure system of Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilet enables extremely easy piece-by-piece assembly, with none of the pieces weighing more than 12kg (see International regulations on lifting of weights).
To facilitate transport of the Rapidloo components, HUB was developed for Rapidloo, a container that enables neat and practical storage of components of two unassembled Rapidloo toilets in the space of a standard toilet.
In addition, the Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilet can be prepackaged in a pack of 4 toilets taking up the space of one assembled toilet.
The revolutionary accessory R-sanitize for Rapidloo (wash basin, flush, recirculation all in one unit) can also be assembled and disassembled without using any tools, screws or rivets.

Rapidloo’s Advantages

  • Compliance with international regulations on workplace safety. Professionals no longer have to handle assembled units weighing 80/90 kg but individual components ranging in weight from a minimum of 1kg to a maximum of 13kg.
  • 50% reduction in transportation costs in your balance sheets (Transport of 2 Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilets in the same space as 1 assembled toilet).
  • 1:4 reduction in transportation costs in your balance sheet (Transport of 4 Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilets in the same space as 1 assembled unit).
  • 1:4 reduction in the storage space needed on yards (repackaging of the pack of 4 Rapidloo results in a 1:4 reduction in the storage space on yards).
  • By repackaging the pack of 4, the three units contained in it are not exposed to UV rays. Therefore, the lifespan of a Rapidloo is much longer than that of a conventional unit that is always exposed to UV rays.
  • Maximum interchangeability of each component without having to remove screws or rivets. In fact, the operator can replace one component of Rapidloo with another very fast (in case of vandalism, the operator can replace the damaged part by simply releasing the levers and replacing the damaged piece).
  • Door pre-assembled in door frame

Technical details

Height  218 cm – 86 in
Width  108 cm – 42.5 in
Depth  108 cm – 42.5 in
Door Opening  62 cm – 24.5 in
Waste Capacity  220 l – 48 gal
Weight Empty  82 kg -180 lbs
Floor Space  104×50 cm – 41×19.5 in
Urinal  Included
Packaging  4 piece packs
Packaging height  248 cm – 97.6 in
Ventilation Pipe  n.2 Included
Paper holder  n. 1 Included
Kit with snap levers chart Included and mounted
Kit with 7 handles Included and mounted

Spare Parts

Download the complete list of Spare parts available for Rapidloo.


Standard color chart

Blue  01-Blu
Green  02-Verde

Commercial data

Minimum order quantity  N. 88
Load quantity on a 40HC container  N. 88
Quantity full optional in a 40HC container  N. 72
Customize logo on door/door frame  NO
Customize weight of single components  NO
Personalization color  Yes, with extra charge (Pantone colors reference)
Lead time ex works  15 days + shipping
Payment terms  Advance
Price  Average
Transport  Not included