Rapidloo Pro

hub-minitauraRapidloo PRO is the chemical toilet that can be assembled in less than 3 minutes and without use of tools!
The innovative patented assembly system introduces very many advantages that, until today, had been unheard of among operators of this sector.
The rapid assembly system of Rapidloo PRO, Demountable Chemical Toilet, enables amazingly easy assembly of the cabin, component by component, with parts to be handled consequently of a weight of no more than 12 Kg ( see internat. standards regarding lifting). Furthermore, Rapidloo PRO may be pre-packed in a 4-toilet packaging form, exploiting the same space as one assembled cabin.
The Demountable Chemical Toilet by Tblustar can be provided with an internal wash hand basin also functioning as a flush system.

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Doorframe, already assembled

We respect the time needs of our customers. We therefore try to make things as easy as possible for them. When you receive Rapidloo PRO, your worries are over. You needn’t even wonder where you put that screwdriver. The door itself, too, with all its accessories, is pre-assembled.

Ready for use

Rapidloo Pro is ready for use. When delivered, you just unpack the components from the Smart Package, and in 2 minutes, without the use of any tools, your toilet will be ready to use. No drilling, no riveting, no riveter… no problem!


By re-assembling the four-item Rapidloo PRO package, you will save yard and warehouse space. You can store four toilets in the space occupied by just one. You will quadruple the size of your yard and warehouse areas.

Patent Pending

We have patented our rapid assembly system. Our customers will benefit from a product that is exclusive and unique within its sector.

New handle for closing the doors, providing more secure blocking

The handle for closing Rapidloo PRO was designed to ensure greater efficacy. Sturdier and bolstered, the handle, positioned closer to the point of closure, is not exposed to stress of any kind.

Handles and grooves

Our study for the new design focussed on ergonomic solutions, not only to enhance toilet end user experiences but also, more importantly, to facilitate the tasks of operators, who, for example, can move the toilet around more easily, thanks to the three handles and to its grooves running along the whole length of the walls.

The life of Rapidloo PRO is very much longer

By re-assembling the four-item package, the three cabins packed inside are not exposed to ultraviolet rays. The life of Rapidloo PRO is therefore very much longer than a conventional cabin’s, always exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Compliance with international workplace safety regulations

The operators will handle only components of a maximum weight of 13 Kg.


Each toilet can be assembled in less than 3 minutes. This translates into a 95% time saving for assembly. This is an objective of particular interest, considering that one operator alone is required for assembly.

Guide slots in the base

The base of the new Rapidloo PRO enables simple, rapid assembly of the walls. The guide slots included in the base simplify operators’ activities both when assembling the toilet and when preparing the Smart Package (4 toilets in 1).

Maximum interchangeability of each component without removal of screws or rivets.

Indeed, the operator can very rapidly replace one component with another Rapidloo PRO component (in the case of vandalism, the operator can replace the damaged element quite simply by releasing the levers and replacing the damaged piece).

More space inside

The PRO Rapidloo version provides more space inside. The base provides a usable space of 106×50 cm.

Base for anchoring to the ground and for lifting

The Rapidloo PRO base includes holes for fixing the toilet to the ground or for handling with cranes or mechanical arms.


75% transport cost savings. This is possible thanks to the possibility of disassembling and assembling blocks of 4 toilets in the space for one standard toilet. This saving measure also has a positive impact in terms of the pollution associated with transport.

Double spring for door closing

Rapidloo PRO is characterised by many special but “invisible” details, such as the double spring door closer, for greater functionality and seal during use.

Mould for logo customization

A toilet just for you. This is possible, because our production system allows us to print your company’s trademark in relief on the toilet door. Production without compromises.

Technical details

Height  220 cm
Width  110 cm
Depth  120 cm
Door Opening  62 cm
Waste Capacity  220 l
Weight Empty  80 kg
Floor Space  106×50 cm
Urinal  Not included
Packaging  4 piece packs
Packaging height  270 cm
Ventilation Pipe  n.1 diameter 60 mm
Paper holder  n. 1 included

Standard color chart

RED  R01

Commercial data

Minimum order quantity  N. 4
Load quantity on a 40HC container  N. 80
Quantity full optional in a 40HC container  N. 68
9mt truck + 6mt trailer  N. 100
9mt truck + 6mt trailer (full optional)  N. 88
Customize logo on door/door frame  YES
Customize weight of single components  YES
Personalization color  YES
Lead time ex works  15 days+ Shipping
Payment terms  Advance
Price  Average
Transport  Not included







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