TrioTank Vacuum Tank, International patent-pending, is the first vacuum tank in the world made entirely of polyethylene. It has a compact design that is light-weight & requires very little maintenance. Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), this Portable Toilet Service Unit is rust-proof and corrosion-proof. Traditional Vacuum Tanks for the Septic Industry are made of expensive metals or steel, which over time begin to rust due to the toxicity of urine and human waste.
Trio meaning three… TrioTank is composed of three unique holding tanks for transporting liquids according to the needs of the user. There are two larger tanks which sit one on top of the other and secure the interior middle sphere-shaped vacuum tank. The two larger tanks have a capacity of 1000 litres / 265 gallons and are designed to hold fresh water &/or a pre-mixed proportion of water & chemicals or as a secondary waste tank. Each of the Plastic holding tanks can be produced in an array of customizable colours.
Super light

Triotank’s Advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Maximum interchangeability of each individual component.
  • No rust or scratches as entirely made of polyethylene.
  • Possibility of carrying any type of waste, even dangerous, as polyethylene cannot be damaged by any toxic substance, not even muriatic acid. In the latter case, our technical department should be contacted to replace the intake and exhaust valves as the membranes could be damaged.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • High water carrying capacity – 2000 litres
Waste capacity
Fresh water capacity
Vacuum pump
Suction hose length
Water pump
Water hose length
On board computer
Honda engine
Engine start
External oil container
External flushing
fluid container
External additive
Weight empty
Color available
Water inputs
with relief valve
Waste discharge
Vacuum breaker
valve calibration 0,5
Pressure valve
calibration +0,5
Water drain caps
Waste level indicator
Water level indicator
Water container
Transfer valve
Optional power unit
Waste capacity 950/1950 l – 251/515 gal 950 lt – 251 gal
Fresh water capacity 1000/2000 lt – 264/528 gal 1000 lt – 264 gal
 Vacuum pump MEC 1600 MEC 1600
 Suction hose length 2 QTY 15 mt 1 QTY 15 mt
Water pump 80 BAR 15 l/min 50 BAR 12 l/min
Water hose length 2 QTY 15 mt 1 QTY 15 mt
On board computer YES NO
Honda engine GX270 GX270
Engine start AUTO AUTO
External oil container YES NO
External flushing
fluid container
External additive
Weight empty 835 kg/1840 lb  

695  kg/1532 lb


Water inputs
with relief valve
4 2
Waste discharge 1 1
Vacuum breaker
valve calibration 0,5
1 1
Pressure valve
calibration +0,5
1 1
Water drain caps 4 2
Waste level indicator 2 2
Water level indicator 16 8
Water container
1 0
Transfer valve 1 1
Dimensions 180 H x 218 W x 185 D 180 H x 218 W x 185 D
MEC 1600  Water Pump 80 BAR 15 l/min – Engine HONDA GX270
PTO MEC 1600  Water Pump 80 BAR 15 l/min
Black 901
Gray B46
White 006
Yellow E20
Ocra E11
Orange E19
Dark Orange I05
Red H10
Classic Blue C11
Light Blue C14
Bright Green F14
Dark Green F09




Commercial data

Minimum order quantity  N. 1
Load quantity on a 40HC container  N. 6
Load quantity on a 20′ container  N. 3
Color customization  YES, with extra charge
Lead time ex works  30 days + shipping
Payent terms  Flexible
Transport  Not included