T BLUSTAR offers a full line of chemicals, deodorizers and fragrance enhancers for Portable Toilets.  Our portable toilet chemicals are environmentally friendly and easy to use.  We offer formaldehyde liquid deodorizers, non-formaldehyde liquid deodorizers, easy drop-and-go packets with concentrated deodorizers, air fresheners to hang in the portable toilet and urinal tabs.
T BLUSTAR Chemicals meet the GHS Standards, or the Globally Harmonized System of Labeling Chemicals. This means that T BLUSTAR Portable Toilet Deodorizers have a specific label/document valid around the world that explains any chemical hazards to anyone potentially exposed.
GHS documents available upon request.


Description: NON-formaldehyde Liquid Deoderizer

Code: TB-CHEM-6
Quantity: 5 gallons / 18.927 Litre

Code: TB-CHEM-7
Quantity: 55 gallons / 208.197 Litre

Code: TB-CHEM-8
Quantity: 275 gallons / 1040 Litre


Description: Non-formaldahyde deodorizer packets
Code: TB-CHEM-3
Quantity: 300 / case


Description: Fragrance enhancers
Code: TB-CHEM-14
Quantity: 200 / Case


Description : Deodorizer for urinal

Codice: TB-CHEM-12
Quantity: 24 / case