RP-Twin Configurations

RP-Twin is a revolutionary free-standing portable hand-wash station for outdoor events available by T blustar. It’s called Twin because it is composed of 2 sinks mounted together to create one station. It connects two single RP-Clean sinks back-to-back on a pedestal with two soap dispensers and two hand towel dispensers. Each hand-wash sink basins has a capacity of 60 L / 15 gal for fresh water or 60 L / 15 gal for used grey water. The fresh water is originally filled into the first sink-basin and thus dispensed by a foot pump to both of the faucets. The grey water from both sinks filters into the second hand-wash basin. Both sinks have handy shelves to allow users to hold their cell phones or keys while washing their hands.

Customizable logo

A hand wash basin just for you. This is possible, because our production system allows us to print your company’s trademark in relief on the side of the wash hand basin.

Stand alone

Stand alone wash hand basin, perfect for outdoor events.

High capacity

RP-Twin is made up of two hand wash basins with a capacity of 60 litres for clean water and 60 litres for collecting the wastewater.

Readily disassembled

RP-Twin can be readily disassembled and used as RP-clean in Rapidloo PRO.

Technical details

Height 148 cm – 58 in
Width 75 cm – 29.5 in
Depth 50 cm – 19.7  in
Fresh water capacity  60 l – 16 gal
Grey water capacity  60 l – 16 gal
Weight Empty 35 kg – 77 lb

Standard color chart