Slide-In Stainless Steel Vacuum Tank with three liquid compartments for Portable toilet. Customizable, choose the volume quantity desired for water, additive liquid, and waste. Liquids are contained in a vertical structure which is best for highway driving and breaking conditions. Comes standard with 1-Honda Motor, 1-mec 3000 vacuum pump with on-board computer, and 1 high-pressure water gun and hose.


Technical details

Totale liquid capacity 2000 lt
Vacuum pump MEC 1600
Suction hose length 1 QTY 15 mt
Water pump 80 BAR 15 l/min
Water hose length 1 QTY 15 mt
On board computer YES
Honda engine GX270
Engine start AUTO
External oil container YES
External flushing fluid container YES
External additive container YES
Weight empty 680 kg
Water inputs with relief valve 2
Waste discharge 1
Vacuum breaker valve calibration 0,5 1
Pressure valve calibration +0,5 1
Water drain caps YES
Waste level indicator 2
Water level indicator 2 x tank
Water container exchanger 1
Dimensions 185 H x 200 W x 210 L
Optional power unit PTO version
MEC 3000